Posted by: dissertationhaiku | September 28, 2008


Hungry herbivores,
It’s warm; feel your tummies growl?
Graze down hot seaweed.

Mary O’Connor

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

I explore the effects of temperature on food webs using coastal marine plants and animals.  In general, as water warms by small amounts, fish and crustaceans eat more seaweed.  Thus, warming predictably changes energy flow in food webs and the abundance of marine plants and animals.


  1. […] might be—hence the hundreds who have posted to the blog. So far, my favorite comes from one Mary O’Connor, who is studying ecology at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She writes that her […]

  2. awesome! thanks! I had a paper published in a good scientific journal the same day as this blog post that included my poem. I have to say, having my poem included in a New Yorker blog post was far more exciting (and interesting to my family) than the science publication.

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