Posted by: Janine | March 10, 2011


Some coelurosaurs
Had arctometatarsi.
They could run real fast.

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.

Yale University

Dissertation title: “An unusual structure of the metatarsus of Theropoda (Archosauria, Dinosauria, Saurischia) of the Cretaceous”
I examined (and coined the name for) the anatomy, function, and evolutionary origins of the arctometarsus (pinched foot structure) of certain types of advanced meat-eating dinosaurs (various coelurosaurian theropods). Among these dinosaurs are the tyrannosaurids (T. rex and kin), the ostrich-like ornithomimids, and the bird-like troodontids. My conclusions that this adaptation was for increased cursorial ability (i.e., faster running) in these dinosaurs has been supported in more recent analysies; my analysis of evolutionary origins of it have been overturned by new discoveries in China.


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