Please welcome Janine Allwright, a graduate student at Walden University as our new Dissertation Haiku publisher/editor.

By chance, Janine discovered the Dissertation Haiku website, created by Drew Steen in 2007. After a discussion with Drew it was agreed that Janine would take over the Dissertation Haiku publishing/editing responsibility.  This would include an upgrade to a new website which would include the existing haiku archive featuring hundreds of dissertation haiku submitted by students and graduated students up until 2013.

The new website was launched and published in 2016. Janine is currently publishing all newly submitted haiku on a regular basis.

To submit your Dissertation Haiku, please go to our new site at Dissertation Haiku!



  1. Your site was forwarded to me by Leah Pressman. Congrats on a brilliant idea and on a brilliant execution of a brilliant idea! I write a Politiku (political haiku) column for the Huffington Post. Here is the url if you’d like to check it out:
    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/susanna-speier Perhaps we can collaborate on something at some point.

  2. Hey, what a fantastic idea – do you also take haiku on Masters Theses??? I wrote one on experimental film and haiku, so I would love to contribute a haiku to your site.

    Anyway – stunning idea.

    All the best,
    Dick Whyte

  3. I learned about your idea and this site from a brief report in “Haaretz” (our local version of the NYT) and think it’s terrific. But it could use much wider application – not only for dissertations. I’m on the Editorial Boards of several academic journals, and believe that requiring every abstract to be summarized in a haiku would contribute a lot to the quality of scientific/ academic discourse – not only to comprehensibility, but even more to the articles’ substantive content. I plan to fly this idea in the near future in one of these journals.

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